Newsletter/Resources -

July, 2016

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!"
—Nat King Cole (lyrics: Tobias, Bradtke & Carste)

It's summertime! The Chancel Choir is taking a much deserved break. Sunday School teachers are recharging. First United Methodist Church is taking a long siesta.


Wrong! There are lots of things going on this summer.


Of course, we continue to worship each Sunday morning. And Coffee Fellowship has, if anything, been kicked into high gear! The numbers are smaller, but without Adult Forum and Sunday School, conversations are longer and more relaxed.


A couple of Bubble Up ministries are moving ahead well:


The Website Development Team has been working to streamline and get content onto our website. They have also been thinking strategically about what we want the website to do for us, what needs to be done in other ways, and how to tie it together to make it easier for you and for the folks that have to keep things up to date. Stay tuned for more details!


The Ramadan Supper program for Muslim Luther College students has almost finished its second year. This year a few more students have been present, as well as an alumnus and his family. One student said, "I'm really going to miss this church when I graduate from Luther."


First UMC youth have taken on a couple of ministry projects. They have had a Game Night at Aase Haugen where they discovered that one of our church member residents cheats at UNO! They have also been doing weekly weeding at the Community Garden near Aase Haugen.


One of our church's ministries to the community is the space that we provide for music lessons, meetings, and other activities. Meeting space is in short supply in Decorah and we are glad to be the place that people think of when they need somewhere to meet. Joining us recently are three activities that are especially important:


The Kids Lunch Club meets in the kitchen on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to pack sack lunches for distribution to community children.


A support group for the Adult Children of Alcoholics will be meeting here weekly.


A Cesarean Support Group will meet monthly.


Our Vacation Bible School will be "visiting" Norway this year, August 8-12, in the evenings. We're going to have a great time! Registration forms are on the table outside the church office.


Families will be vacationing, people will be visiting grandchildren, and lots of other good things will happen. All summer long First United Methodist Church is in ministry and there's a place for you!